Awards & Recognitions

Singapore Top Business Achiever Award 2017

Inspire ID Group is a proud recipient for Singapore Top Business Achiever Award 2017.

Promising SME 500 2014

Inspire ID Group has been recognized with the Promising SME 500 Award 2014 and we are indeed honored to be selected by Small and Medium Business Association (SMBA) for this award. In recognition of the company’s outstanding performance, achievement and uttermost commitment towards providing reliable results, quality excellence, sincere and trustworthy services for our customers.

This prestigious award is the embodiment and expression of business success and excellence. We wish to thank all staff their hard work have made it possible for us to provide our clients with the best possible quality, creativity and services. Inspire ID Group wishes to thank all clients for their continuous support.

The award recipients are selected based on criteria such as leadership, innovation, business and brand performance, customer value generation and projected business sustainability.

About Promising SME 500 Award
The Promising SME 500 2014 Campaign is supported by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA), a business association founded to build and nurture the next generation of business leaders in Singapore whilst promoting business excellence among established local SMEs. The Advisory Judging Panel and main organizers include industry top executives and consultants from the fields of Banking and Finance, Human Resource, Academia, Politics and Business Management. Through SMBA, this campaign is also closely affiliated with students from top Local Universities such as NUS and SMU – and is dedicated to supporting youth entrepreneurs and youth business clubs such as the NUS Entrepreneurship Society (NES) in their efforts to promote entrepreneurship among the youths and young adults in Singapore.


Inspire ID Group is proud to be awarded the Industry Star Award 2014 by the Small Medium Business Association (SMBA) in recognition of its business excellence in the Interior Design industry. Standing out within the Interior Design industry with its high quality of creativity, services and customer satisfaction level. The Industry Star Award 2014 is testimony to Singapore’s Interior Design industry market leadership in Singapore.

Our Accreditations

– Singapore Top Business Achiever Award 2017
– Member of RCMA (Singapore Renovation Contractors and Material Suppliers Association)
– ISO 9001: 2008
– BizSafe Level 3
– Nippon Paint Designers of Choice
– HDB Registered Renovation Contractor
– Design Excellence Award 2014
– Industry STAR 2014
– Promising SME 500 2014
– Asia Excellence Award 2013


Inspire ID Group is proud to announce that we are one of the few renovation companies in Singapore to be the accredited under CASETRUST- RCMA (Singapore Renovation Contractors & Material Suppliers Association) scheme.
Under this accreditation scheme, the deposits will be insured through a deposit bond, which will act as a buffer for non-performance of renovation firms who fail to perform at all, businesses liquidation or even missing in action. This provides security and piece of mind to homeowners.
In view of the spike of the number of contractors absconding with the client’s deposit before even starting works, Inspire ID Group now guarantees you with our 100% deposit money back guarantee accredited by CASETRUST-RCMA.

You can now renovate with a piece of mind with our performance bond! BE INFORMED, BE WISE, BE SAFE!

Asia Excellence Award 2013